Privacy Policy, a business unit of Zarca Interactive, is an application service provider that provides you, our customer, tools to conduct two-way communications with your customers, employees, suppliers and constituents. Like the postal service, we understand that the Information we deliver belongs to you and your survey participants, not us. At, it is a core business principle that we must protect the privacy of our customers and survey participants or we will not have either. With this principle in mind, created this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy.
You should be assured that our practices stated in this policy are practiced worldwide. is a global organization, with legal entities, business processes, management structures, and technical systems that cross borders. We may share information between entities and transfer it to offices and data centers around the world. Some countries may provide less legal protection for personal information than the country in which the information was provided. No matter the country standards, we will still handle the information in the manner we describe here.

This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected on our web site at the URL (the "Site"). It does not speak about practices for information collected elsewhere or the practices of any third parties, including those of our partners who may display branding on their sites. If you have questions about this privacy policy please email, .

1. What Information do we collect? collects information about both you, our customers ("Customers" or "you") and the individuals who participate in, or are invited to participate in, any of your surveys ("Survey Participants"). Collectively, the information collected about you ("Customer Information") and Survey Participants ("Participant Information") are referred to as "Information".

Customer Information: When Customers register on the Site, we ask you to give us name and contact information: company name, name of contact, title of contact, company address, telephone number, email address, user name and password, and billing information which may include credit card numbers. Customers also provide us with Information regarding the Services you have ordered (e.g., the number of surveys Customers will pay for or whether you want a private or public survey). In addition to the Information you knowingly provide, we also know when and how often you log on to the Site.

Participant Information: We receive Participant Information from both Customers and Survey Participants. You provide us with the email address, and sometimes the name, of each Participant. Before receiving such Information, we contractually require that you warranty that you have a pre-existing relationship with the Survey Participant and/or the Survey Participant's permission to receive electronic messages. Survey Participants provide us with the Information requested by you, for example, their gender or zip code, as well as all answers to the survey questions. Customers are solely responsible for the content of the surveys and we do not control the theme or questions asked in any survey. In order to enhance survey response rates, we record: (i) if and when a Survey Participant has responded to a survey and (ii) if and when a Survey Participant has received a reminder. In addition, we receive any Information contained in any communications a Survey Participant makes directly with

We also log Customer and Survey Participant Internet Protocol addresses to ensure the accuracy of the survey data and for system administration purposes including tracking a user's session so that we know when, how often and what pages of the Site a user visits. To prevent the need to re-insert user-name and password as you and your Survey Participants move from one page of the Site to the next, we do use a cookie, but the cookie is programmed to delete itself from any user's computer when the browser is closed.

2. How Do We Use Information?

We use your Customer Information in the normal course of our business, including to contact you regarding technical support, discuss billing issues, or to bring to your attention any aspect of our mutual business. We may also use your contact information to provide you with policy or product updates or to introduce new products and services. All Participant Information resides in our database primarily for the benefit of you, our Customers. At your direction, we use a Survey Participant's email address (and perhaps name) to send survey invitations and reminders. We also use Participant Information to improve the performance of our Site and services by analyzing site and user behavior, troubleshooting technical problems, resolving disputes and address complaints, and verifying compliance with the Terms of Service. If intends to use any Information in a manner that deviates from this Privacy Policy we will provide notice of how we intend to use that Information as we collect it. The use of that specific Information will be used solely as stated in the alternative disclosure.

3. With Whom Do We Share Information?

We do not share the Information with any third parties except under the following very limited circumstances:
(a) Participant Information with Customer: Our business is the provision of tools that allow you, our Customer, to conduct meaningful surveys with your employees, suppliers, customers and constituents. Accordingly, we provide you with access to the Participant Information given in response to the surveys you have conducted. You may use the Participant Information consistent with your own privacy policy and applicable law.
(b) As You Explicitly Allow: We may share or otherwise use your Customer Information as you explicitly allow us and we may share Participant Information as both you and the Survey Participant expressly allow. For example, you are given the opportunity to either hide or make available to Survey Participants certain Customer contact information in connection with any survey.
(c) Agents Acting on Our Behalf: We may share some of your Information with other companies who provide us with technical and other type of services. They will be contractually granted access to only that Information which is necessary for them to do their jobs and they will be prohibited from using the Information for any other purpose including sharing the Information with any other party.
(d) For Legal Reasons: We respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. We may also share your Information to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of our terms of use, or as otherwise required by law.
(e) Affiliates and Acquisition: We may share Information with our affiliated companies or during any real or potential acquisition or merger of our company by or with another. We will notify you if your Information becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

4. Can the Information be Changed?

Your Customer Information may be viewed and modified in our active database in real-time at any time. The changed Information may remain in archives and records for some period of time. Once a Survey Participant has submitted a survey, the Survey Participant will not be able to access his Information through the Site. Survey Participants may contact you and you, in turn, will be able to view the Survey Participant's collected Information and, where appropriate, work with us in modifying such Information.

5. How Is Information Protected?

Our Site has substantial and elaborate security measures in place to protect your Information. Unique user names and passwords must be entered each time a person logs on. The Site is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other technology to reasonably prevent access from outside intruders. Internally, we use security-logs, train our employees and limit access to only essential personnel. When transmitting sensitive Information, we use encryption technology. All our technology and processes are not, however, guarantees of security. Please keep your user name and password secret and let us know at if you learn or suspect that our security has been breached.

6. Changes in the Privacy Policy:

As we are constantly improving our services and expanding our business, we retain the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. In the event we make such changes, we will announce the changes and post the new policy on the Site. Information collected after the new policy is posted will be used in conformance with the new policy. Information gathered under the old policy will continue to be used in conformance with that policy unless we, in conjunction with Customer, notify Survey Participants of the changes and the Survey Participant does not prohibit the use of the Information in conformance with the new policy.