Online Surveys

Strong Partnership in Support and Training

Every client is assigned with a Strategic Account Manager who will be directly assisting you all through your journey to success with our innovative solution. Your Strategic Account Manager will always be available for all your queries and needs and can easily be reached through phone and email.

Our client support team is dedicated to provide unparalleled support expertise, knowledge and courteousness to help you effectively resolve issues and problems that you may encounter along the way.

Our Solution comes along with the following training and support key elements:

Easily Accessible

Our support staff is easily reachable through phone and email and is guaranteed to provide fast response time and action. Readiness Plan

At the start of every partnership we have with our clients, we make sure our new users are informed on how to maximize the effectiveness of our solution. Once you have obtained your account, you will be provided all the information you need. Our support team will always be at your service to assist and guide clients with every difficulty or concerns.


We empower our clients with full knowledge of our system through training and support. Our training team instructs our clients of complete information from the basic to the complex of the navigation site. Our extensive client training also includes guidance and preparation for accurate interpreting and analysis of collected data.

Refresher Training
Refresher courses and training of current users can be conducted by the training team upon client request or by schedule.

New Features Training continuously upgrades the platform to better and improved survey management experience for the clients. But we assure our clients that with every advancement of our system, we also update our users with knowledge and familiarity of the new features. No client gets left behind.

Onsite Training
Upon our client's request, onsite training can be conducted on the client's location. Our training staff is always willing to go the extra mile to provide comprehensive and high quality training and support to users.

First Project Direct Back-up

Your Strategic Account Manager will be working directly with you on your initial survey and research project. You will be closely guided and provided with advises on effective navigation of the platform and survey best practices as based on our experience.