Online Surveys


We bring unison to everyone's objective

Same goals call for collaboration. All academic units and heads of the region are united with the same aim and aspirations for the whole education sector. In line of this, we have produced a data-library of tested and validated conducted surveys within the region which can be accessed by clients given the proper access privileges. This serves as a window for teamwork among institutions and ministries as the pooled information is used for reference, comparison and assessment of common issues that faces every group of the education system. With this, joint effort becomes more efficient.

Our nature runs with technology

We use technology to improve traditional methods not only with timeliness but with effectiveness and accuracy. is designed to meet the needs of the Middle Eastern & North African countries to successfully grasp the perception of the concerned community to advance the current education state.

The views of every individual involved are useful basis for construction of proficient approach and tactic for academic progress in all areas. We know this for a fact and we give you the control to make good use of these essentials.

Feedback management made simpler

We assure academics of faster and efficient survey distribution and response gathering as we use established advance technology. Our digital platform is one of the easiest tools to use and understand and with our outstanding training and support; our users are always on the right track with navigating our system.

We have also taken into account the security of the respondents. We have set features on our system to maintain anonymity of the respondents to guarantee honest and candid outcome of the survey results.


We value your time and finances. Online responses are collected real-time and reports are generated with just a click away making survey projects much more time-saving. Operational cost becomes much lower than the price of long and tedious traditional survey methods, maximizing your budget for other equally important tasks.

Reliable facts and figures

Since we use technology and wide survey management experience to prepare and conduct researches, we assure clients of much precise figures and data results.

Also, as information is derived from people or groups with direct experience and knowledge of the subject matter researched upon, all factors are specifically considered and essential topics are covered. And since the data is obtained from different mindsets, clients are given more dynamic records to compare, correlate and connect for broader understanding and conception.