Online Surveys

Empowering YOU

We believe that feedback is one of the most powerful means to create a potent strategy for growth and development. is designed to conveniently yet efficiently assist educational institutions and all its aspects with gathering essential feedback data and translating it into comprehensive reports and study.

We provide you complete gear and support to fulfill all your survey management requirements.


Our innovative web-based platform requires no installation and maintenance from the clients. The user just needs to log-in with their username and password on the home site to access and navigate our user-friendly system interface.

Task buttons and tabs are well organized and designed in place to make actions and commands easier to understand and execute.

Feedback Collection

Other than our mainstream means of collecting survey feedback which is through online, our survey modules are flexible enough to be presented not only digitally but also by paper and phone. This makes all projects very far-reaching and thorough, covering all possible targets for decision analysis and study.

All responses are inputted in a central database for quick access and reading.

Results Management

The outcome of the survey is as crucial and as important as the collection of data. Our engine is designed to produce complete and well-comprehensive graph, chart and table report templates to make all reports as clear and engaging as it should be. Our system's full range of reporting options gives users the flexibility to view their records as they want it to make the collected information more efficient with gauging and analyzing for effective decision-making.

Our experienced professional staff for is always at service with assisting our clients with quality data compilation, interpretation and reporting.

Client Training

We empower our clients with full knowledge of our system through training and support. Our training team instructs our clients of complete information from the basic to the complex of the navigation site. Our extensive client training also includes guidance and preparation for accurate interpreting and analysis of collected data.

Refresher training of current users can also be conducted by the training team upon client request or by schedule.

Technical Support continuously backs-up our users all through out the service period. For all user enquiries, issues and concerns, we have dedicated a technical specialized team to courteously assist with all technical support questions and needs.