Online Surveys

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does offer?

A: gives solutions to a vital activity in all academic communities: surveying. Whether it is a survey related to school improvement plan or a survey to track effectiveness of professional development activity, schools and ministries conduct a lot of surveys. provides technology and expertise to simplify and streamline all surveying.

Q: So how does actually help with surveying for schools and ministries?

A: has developed a plan in working with school officials and governing institutions based on the best practices we have gained through years of experience in feedback management. We have the right tools and personnel to fully assist all academics from planning to survey deployment to gathering data and reporting, up to analyzing the gathered data.

We provide outstanding solutions to previous common setbacks of tedious traditional survey methods. Our solutions leads to reduced staff workload, huge operational budget savings, less time consumed and more accurate project outcome.

Q: So, helps academic institutions and organizations collect data using any format, how about reporting?

A: We provide region administrators with an online analytical technology that lets you analyze all the data you gathered. Using a sophisticated online reporting platform. These reports help you view aggregate reports, disaggregate data based on key demographic variables, serve graphs that can be directly imported into Microsoft Office applications and share the results effortlessly with all stakeholders in the region.

Q: Several members of our staff use an online survey tool. Is that what you do?

A: Chances are members of your staff use what we call first generation online survey tools. There are many such tools and most are useful to create Web forms for data collection. Despite the convenience of data collection, there is a significant amount of survey related work that your staff must do outside of those tools to complete their survey projects. The total cost of ownership becomes high when you account for the other tasks that your staff completes using other solutions. What you need is a comprehensive survey system for your needs.'s solution incorporates the unique needs of every academic community.

Our focus is not just on data collection, but on reporting, analysis and developing Insight from data. We have developed an in-built survey library that allows various units of the education sector to review data based on pre-assigned permissions. This brings all stakeholders on the same page helping develop consensus on important issues.